My name is Matt Hicks and I'm the Owner and Founder of Matix Woodworking. I grew up South of Boston and moved to Atlanta in 2009 to find a new city to make my own. Growing up, I had something that many people can only dream of having: a mother and father who loved each other unconditionally, sacrificially, and continually. More than any skill I've learned, place I've traveled, or knowledge I've gained, their example of love is the most catalytic element in my life. The inheritance of that love has become the driving factor of who I am, what type of business I want to have, and what kind of impact I plan to have on the world. I fully believe that nothing in my life has been more valuable.

I think that a life driven by passion is the only type of life worth living. Creating makes me come alive. I enjoy the process of creating a piece of furniture or art, and when I see the finished product, its hard for me to see it as a whole unit rather that the parts that make it up.  Once I've spent hours on a project, I have a hard time parting with it.  I truly believe that a quality piece of art or furniture adds tremendous value to a home or business, and I feel invested in the places where my work sits. I also feel that hand crafted goods are becoming popular in the USA again. People are finding that the cheapest furniture is rarely the most valuable.  My goal for each piece of furniture I make is that it outlives the buyer.

Outside of building and creating furniture, I love spending time with my friends. My wife Becky and I live in Grant Park and are lucky to have a great group of friends who we share our life with.